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August 17th, 2017

Earlier this year Tru-Edge Grinding installed its third Platit PVD coating vessel – a Π411. We now offer PVD coating technologies that extend cutting tool life in difficult to machine materials, allow tools to run faster and increase part throughput, and improve performance of engineered special tools and reground tools. Two new “quad” coatings we have introduced are TiXCo® (TiN –nACo-ML – TiSiN) and ALL4® (AlCrTiN).

In addition we are building on our success in the stamping industry to expand beyond our TiCN-MP® coating platform to introduce FeinAl® - the state-of-the-art Platit coating specifically engineered for use in fine blanking operations. Included in our FeinAl® tool component processes are capabilities to strip old coatings and apply new ones. We installed “precoat” equipment designed to micro blast tool components and assure super-adhesion of the PVD coating. Our “postcoat” polish peen will super finish your tooling components so that form, fit and function problems are no longer an issue. The results of our carefully controlled, documented processes are longer useful life of your tooling components and more machine up-time. In short, Tru-Edge is now a leading provider of PVD hard surface coatings for the fine blanking - punching – forming – deep drawing business sectors.

New information on the PVD coatings offered by Tru-Edge will be available on our web site in early September. A new coating brochure is in the works and will be available as well. To learn more call Tru-Edge at 419-678-4991 and ask to talk with one of our coating applications engineering associates.