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Engineered Solutions

Our experienced staff of tool engineers designs unique cutting tools that provide our customers with distinct advantages. Customers who consult with our technical team are provided solutions that streamline chip making operations, eliminate multiple tool setups, reduce variance at the point of cut, and quite simply solve problems. Our engineers frequently visit manufacturing facilities to consult with customers and obtain hands-on knowledge of operations and processes, enabling us to design the right tool for the job. Utilizing real time simulation software and integrated CAD/CAM programming assures optimal tool geometries and accurately manufactured tools.

  • Use offline programming with ANCA 3Dcimulator software to confirm that grinding results match design.
  • Solidworks, AutoCad, Unigraphics NX7 software used.
  • Can design tools from existing tool print, existing sample tool, finished part print or hand sketch.

At Tru-Edge, we keep the idea of regrinding the tool in mind during the design phase.  We avoid designing a ‘non-regrindable’ tool, whenever possible.  Our goal is to manufacture the tool for you and then regrind it multiple times, thereby reducing the overall cost per part, not just tool cost.  

From our tooling concepts to your finished parts on the floor, Tru-Edge has the know-how to deliver bottom line savings that will increase your profits.



Click the links below to open a 3D model of custom tooling that we have manufactured.  Left click and hold the button while moving the mouse to rotate the image 360°.

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Model 2.PDF319.2 KB
Model 3.PDF471.62 KB
Model 4.PDF91.19 KB