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Orthopedic Instrument Grinding

Tru-Edge has earned a reputation for providing innovative manufacturing solutions for the tool grinding market. We have directed our knowledge and expertise to the medical industry and have broken new grounds in terms of time and cost savings, while improving the quality and accuracy of the finished product.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment which facilitates high-speed fluting of stainless steel parts with extremely high metal removal rates and are able to produce drills and reamers with high length-to-diameter ratios.

We utilize software with inbuilt intellengence that is capable of undertaking grinding of complex and highly customized tooling in any size or shape, with simple or complex geometries.

We can manufacture a variety of medical tools and components with geometries and features such as:

  • Parallel or taper
  • Equal or unequal fluting
  • Square or corner radius
  • Multiple screw and tap threading forms
  • Variety of step tools and drill types
  • Contours and profiles
  • Multi flute and variable helix
  • Rasp and broach forms with chip breakers 

Using technologically advanced 3-D software, Tru-Edge can accept virtually any CAD file, including Unigraphics and Solidworks, and generate a programmed tool path directly from the file. This completely eliminates trial grinding and drastically reduces tool development time. The geometry of the processed tool path can then be verified, inspected and measured for accuracy. This process allows for greater accuracy without having to actually grind the part, which in turn reduces overall manufacturing time.

Tru-Edge can also contour grind a componenet directly from a 3-D model. Tool paths are generated from the 3-D model and output direct to the machine, resulting in the geometry of the component being exactly duplicated from what was modeled. This is beneficial for applications such as applying a cutting edge to a contoured surface such as a broach or a bone rasp. The ability to cut teeth and grind the palate all in one step reduces multiple set-ups and operator error, and again reduces manufacturing time.

These advances in tool development and the manufacturing process result in extremely cost competitive, precise products for our customers.

Virtually any CAD file can be accepted, including Unigraphics and Solidworks

  • Tool paths are generated directly from a CAD file or a 3-D model
  • No trial grinding necessary
  • Grind palatte and cut teeth all in ONE STEP
  • Time and cost savings with improved quality and accuracy