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Precision Regrinds (Sharpening/Reconditioning)

Tru-Edge consistently sets the standard for tool regrinding and reconditioning services. We grind and refurbish solid carbide, coolant fed carbide, carbide tipped, high speed steel, and cobalt high speed steel cutting tool materials. Whether it's end mills, drills, taps, gun drills, reamers, port tools, multi-function tools, modified or special manufactured tools – if you cut with it, we have the capability to regrind it!

From complex to simple, small lot to high production quantities, Tru-Edge will consistently regrind your tools to tight tolerances with consistent accuracy.

Tru-Edge is the only Factory Authorized Regrind Facility for Hitachi Drills in the United States.

In addition, Tru-Edge can recondition and/or sharpen any type of tooling, including:  SGS, Niagara, Fullerton, Promax, Guhring, Iscar, Sumitomo, Garr, Mitsubishi, Walter, Kyocera and Kennametal just to name a few.